CryptX Wallet supports more than 100 coins and we are constantly integrating new ones. We store all supported assets and private keys in HSM devices that can be managed through our secure APIs using Two-Factor Authentication. Our digital currency wallet functionality can be seamlessly integrated with any application. The CryptX Auto Swap functionality automatically exchanges cryptos inside your wallet to USDT in order to completely remove the exchange rate risk embedded in any crypto operation.

We hold a complete record of all transactions and user activity to meet audit requirements. Our wallets are fully customizable, and our team is always ready to assist you with rapid deployment.


Your private keys stay inside Swiss vaults throughout their lifetime. 2FA is standard on top of our proprietary security protocols.

Lower Fees

CryptX offers SegWit, transaction batching, and other fee management tools to protect you from unnecessary expenses.


Never lose on volatility. Create simple rules to protect your funds and cryptocurrencies from undesired price fluctuations.

Coins Supported

Stop registering numerous different wallets. All your coins can be managed from CryptX.