"Hi, we're CryptX.
We're working hard to expand Bitcoin participation."

We believe Bitcoin should be accessible, flexible, and secure. Through PetaMine, our premier Bitcoin cloud mining project, we’re combining breakthrough technologies with an innovative investment framework to build a better, more open cryptocurrency community.


PetaMine (PETA) is a crowd-funded Bitcoin mine with shares available for purchase through Havelock Investments. We think it’s the most exciting Bitcoin cloud mining project in existence today. Here are some facts about PetaMine:

  • Hashrate growth from 0 TH/S to 1,500 TH/S in fewer than four months
  • Resides in a datacenter powered completely by clean, alternative energy sources
  • Benefits from partnerships with chip manufacturers like CoinTerra, BitMine, and BitFury
  • Receives preferential access to the latest Bitcoin hardware technologies
  • Offers shares with no contractual obligations
  • Provides an extremely competitive share price per GH
  • Collects zero management or pool fees
  • Makes Bitcoin mining available to literally everybody

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Visit the PetaMine website to learn more about the project and get involved with Bitcoin cloud mining.

We’re also mining Litecoin through SCryptX, a project launched in May, 2014.


We bring a comprehensive fusion of financial and technical expertise to the Bitcoin space. Here’s a bit about us:

Bert Valkenborgs


Bert directs our business strategy, forges strategic partnerships, and handles financial administration. Before CryptX, he founded multiple companies in the renewable energy, electric vehicle, and real estate sectors. Bert boasts fifteen years of financial industry experience, many of which he spent in management.

Joeri Cornelissens


Joeri designs and builds our scalable, efficient mining architecture. He also manages a talented team of systems and development engineers. In 2003, after three years at VA Linux, Joeri founded a web development consultancy focused on open source technologies. Now he builds mining platforms for cryptocurrencies. Who would’ve thought?


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